All About Us

Digitalizing High-End Jewelry

LAMYA focuses on digitalizing high-end jewelry and create the first digital jewelry box - to store them and pass down for generations to come.


Imagine if you could have a perfect 3D representation of your grandma's jewelry collection with all the pictures of her wearing it.

Physical to Digital: We take a physical jewelry item - make a perfect 3D representation of it - NFT it - allow owners to attach memories to it (pics or videos)

Digital to Physical: Get the 3D representation of the item - NFT it - Sell it - Owner gets the right to have the physical piece in x weeks

Dario Rjeili

Lamya's Founder

Dario Rjeili was born and raised in Venice from Italian mother and Lebanese father. After studying in the United States and living in an extremely fast and industrial world, he learned the importance of time and dedication that distinguish a true luxury item from an expensive item.

Video Call With Dario